The flower and plant market

The Bloemenmarkt

The Bloemenmarkt, in full: flower and plant market, is a permanent market in the center of Amsterdam. From 1620 to 1862, the market was located on Sint-Lucienwal, along Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. The flower market then moved to its current location on the Singel between Koningsplein and Muntplein. At that time the market was still called the tree and plant market, hardly any cut flowers were sold until the 1960s. The trees, plants and flowers were sold from boats lying in the canal. 

This is because all the flowers and plants on this market used to be supplied daily by water from nurseries outside the city. In recent decades, the boats have been replaced by concrete containers with structures on top that resemble greenhouses and form a closed front when viewed from the water side. The flower market has become more and more a tourist attraction, so the range has been adapted accordingly. For example, nowadays a lot of flower bulbs and souvenirs are sold. In fact, souvenirs have gained the upper hand, because they are bought much more by tourists than flowers and plants.